A Great Escape

Short Stories for Travelers

LAY BACK . . . CURL UP . . . LET GO . . . AND ESCAPE TO ANOTHER WORLD.  You'll journey to camel markets and traverse hot sand dunes in the deserts of Egypt while witnessing a new country being formed by revolutionaries.  Then take a trip to Salem, Massachusetts and encounter real Vampires—the kind you'll soon meet in your own neighborhood and in the company where you work.  Finally, you'll be chased and shot at with poison arrows by the Kawahiva Headhunters in the Amazon Rain Forests of Brazil as you track down the CEO of a company "to big to fail". 


This is only a preview of the adventures awaiting you in the twenty stories in A Great Escape. They will entertain you and get your heart racing.  However, read them with care . . . take them in small dose . . . for.they may make you forget your day to day life, quit your job, and travel the world.  



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African Safari Bootcamp

for Women



The lure of Africa and a chance to change their lives bring a group of professional women together from three continents for great white hunter Cassidy Magriff’s African Safari Bootcamp for Women.  But a bruised lover and a Kenyan army officer have other plans for the band—to reap a profit and extract revenge. 


Five women become stranded in the bush without food, water, or weapons: Henna, A Beverly Hills hairdresser; Theresa, a high-powered Spanish sales manager; Katie, a retired Australian soldier; and Kouri, a traveler working on organic farms around the world.  Mo, the safari’s geologist and a Kenyan—American, who grew up with a Masai tribe, is saddled with the task of leading the troupe to safety.


Follow these brave and talented women as they face challenges on an hourly basis.  Be with them as they fortify themselves with spiritual exercises and discussions of feminine literature, such as Jane Eyre, and conversations on the gamut of women’s issues.  Witness them forming friendships and alliances and uncovering talents and skills that contribute to the survival of their troupe and the emergence of their “inner Amazon Warriors”.  And most of all, experience the real Africa with its friendly loving people, harsh military, and magical environment.